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Are there any hidden fees?
There will be no additional charges beyond the listed prices, only the tax will be paid to the hotel or car rental agency.
Is it possible to book without a credit card?
Yes, it is possible to pay for your reservation via Paypal or any other offline payment method, by bank transfer or through Western Union as an example.
• Pre-Pay Online: Allows you to reserve your vehicle and save money by pre-paying online.
• Pay at location: Allows you to reserve your vehicle and pay at the counter upon collection.
Or Similar - what does it mean?
The term 'Or Similar' indicates that the vehicle you rent may not be the exact make and model as the vehicle displayed, although it will be from the same car group, meaning that it will be comparable in size and performance to that vehicle.
The actual vehicle you rent will depend on the makes and models available at the time within the car group you request.
• The vehicles shown are examples. Specific models within a car class may vary in availability and features, such as passenger seating, luggage capacity and mileage.
How assured me that my reservation is confirmed?
Once the form is completed, the confirmation page appears. An e-mail containing the number and the details of the reservation of your vehicle will be sent to you, all that remains for you to do is to pick up your car and enjoy your stay.
How do I know if my reservation has been canceled?
After canceling your reservation, you will receive an email confirming your cancellation. If you do not receive this email, make sure it has not arrived in the "spam/junk mail" folder of your e-mail. Alternatively, you can track the status of your cancellation request from your customer area on the site.
Until when can I cancel my reservation on the Internet? (The maximum duration)
You can cancel the booking of your vehicle free of charge 2 hours before the actual pick-up date.
If I booked via the internet, can I contact you to change or cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can contact us at any time to modify or cancel the reservation of your vehicle, our team will be happy to answer all your questions and requests.

Is it possible to rent a car without a deposit?
No, any renter will ask you for a security deposit to protect themselves in the event of an incident.
When will I get my deposit back?
In reality, the security deposit is blocked and not debited. Therefore, if you have not encountered any problems, the landlord simply erases your bank fingerprint.
What recourse do I have if I get bail?
If your deposit is charged when you consider that the landlord is at fault, you can call the service claim of it.
What are the conditions for renting a car?

To rent a car you must have a driver’s license for more than three years, be 21 years old and have a bank card in your name. It is also important to respect the rental conditions: be on time when taking the vehicle and for its return, refuel and make the car clean and without damage.

How to rent a car when you are a young driver?

It’s hard to rent a car when you’re a young driver. Renters refuse to rent you or charge extra. There are agencies that accept drivers' licences for less than three years but they are rare. The trick? Ask an experienced driver to rent and drive for the ride. 

Why does it take 21 years to rent a car?
 Because the renters consider that you are not experienced enough to present all the necessary security conditions. They also apply a surcharge to drivers under 25 years of age but who still have more than three years of licence.


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