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Car rental Terms

This contract commits location-voiture.ma who will be called the renter, and the natural or legal person, company or companies by whom signed this contract, which will be called "tenant".
Use of the car
The Renter undertakes not to allow the car to be driven by persons other than himself or those approved by the lessor and for which he guarantees, and to reuse the vehicle only for his personal needs. It is forbidden to any competition whatsoever, and to use the rented vehicle by carrying a greater number of passengers than the one carried on the contract, on pain of being forfeited to the Insurance.
Required documents
Pilots are required to submit:
A valid identity card a valid passport.
present a credit card in the driver's name
The driver's license of the driver and any other additional driver (originals only).
A copy of the documents will be taken and kept in our rental records.
Rental conditions
- The minimum age required to rent a vehicle is 23 years old the max is 65 Years.
- The driver must have a valid driver's license for more than two years.
- In the event of non-presentation of these parts to the renter when taking charge of the vehicle, the latter reserves the right not to rent.
- The renter must return the vehicle in the same condition as the delivery.
- The tenant is responsible for the road as parking.
- The damage of the vehicle is covered only on the production of an accident report within 24 hours.
- It is forbidden to use the tracks with a rental car except 4x4.
- All-risk insurance with deductible in case of an accident.
- Public liability.
- The persons transported,
- Theft of the vehicle.
- Fire and breakage of glass.
- For any accident, a report is mandatory
Mechanical Problems
In the case of a mechanical problem, you must immediately inform the rental company, the phone number is on the rental agreement. Authorizations to repair or replace the vehicle must be requested and granted by the renter.
The tenant is formally forbidden to abandon the vehicle. In the case of material impossibility, it is repatriated to the expenses and by the care of the tenant, the rent remaining due until the return of the vehicle
The renter will give at the end of the rental and at the return of the car, the registration and all the necessary paperwork for circulation, otherwise, these parts are essential for new rentals, the rental will continue to be billed at the initial price until they are handed over to society. In case of loss of these documents, the tenant will have to pay the amount of duplicating costs, as well as the immobilization.
The tenant remains solely responsible for the fines. Contraventions and minutes against him.
Booking Confirmation
All payments are non-refundable unless otherwise expressly stated otherwise in the applicable additional agreements, terms and conditions for the particular Products and Services.
It is the responsibility of the traveler who has booked with us online or has made the booking directly with a customer service agent to review and reconfirm names, dates, pick-up point, drop off point, car type, car provider, etc.,
are in accordance and acceptance of the traveler. If you discover any discrepancy in your itinerary, you are requested to immediately contact a Car Rental Services customer service agent not more than 2 hours from the time the booking was completed. If we do not hear from you within 2 hours of completing the booking, we shall consider the booking you have made to be totally acceptable to you.
Cancellation and No-Show Policies and Charges
The following cancellation and no-show policies shall apply with respect to all car rental bookings: There are no cancellation fees for cars cancelled at any time at least 48 hours prior to pick-up. If you cancel your pre-paid car rental at least 48 hours prior to your pick up, you will be refunded in full. A 200 Dhs cancellation fee is applied for cars cancelled within 48 hours of the arranged pick-up time. This fee will be deducted from your refund. If your pre-paid booking is made less than 48 hours before pick-up, the cancellation policy will automatically apply to your booking if you cancel.
All cancellations must be made via the Site and not with the car rental supplier. Should you agree to cancel directly with the car rental supplier on arrival, you must also inform us of this change to your booking or you will be considered a no show.
If you are a no show (you never picked up the car and did not cancel), you are not entitled to a refund. Please note: Pricing and availability is subject to change anytime you re-book a rental car. If you cancel, you will receive an email to confirm the cancellation at the email address you have provided during the online booking process.
As used herein, "no-show" means that the rental car was not picked up by you and you do not cancel. A no-show may occur for various reasons, including, without limitation, the following: You didn't inform us about your cancellation. You failed to pick up the car within 12 hours of the arranged time and date.
You failed to provide the documentation that is required to pick up the car.
You failed to provide a credit card in the main driver's name with enough available funds on it.
In the event of any of the above, you are not entitled to a refund. The car rental company reserves the right to refuse to rent a car to any customer who fails to arrive on time with all necessary documentation and a credit card with enough available funds for the applicable security deposit. In such cases, the customer may not be entitled to a refund.

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