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The caves of Hercules blog

The caves of Hercules Tanger

The Hercules Caves is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Tangier and is located 14 kilometers (9 mi) west of Tangier at Cape Spartel, near the King of Morocco's summer palace.
The cave has two openings, one to the sea and one to the ground.

The opening of the sea is known as "The map of Africa", it is believed that the Phoenicians created the opening of the sea that is shaped like Africa when looking from the sea.

There is also some marks on the wall in the form of eyes, which are said to be made by the Phoenicians, which constitute a map of the region.
The cave itself is a natural part and a part of the man.

The man is part of Berber people used to cut stone wheels from the walls, to make grinding wheels, thus greatly enlarging the cave.

It costs 5 Moroccan dirhams per person to enter the cave and an additional 5 optional for a guide, but other currencies are also accepted.


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